Reasons To Count On Us

Beyond the Stars NG embraces a holistic approach to educate and inspire individuals to live life purposefully, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, injustice and gender inequality as well as to promote prosperity and well-being for all. Our main focus is on Personal Development, Capacity Building, Leadership Training, Gender advocacy and Mentoring.

Beyond The Stars NG activities include educational and inspirational talk shows on radio, television, and on various social media platforms.

What We Really Do:

  1. Counselling of traumatized individuals (such as domestic violence victims, marriage counselling, teen counselling etc.)
  2. Rehabilitation and re-integration of sex traffic victims and ex-convicts back into the society
  3. Advocacy for the rights of women and girls.
  4. Youth empowerment through character formation, teen counselling, capacity building and talent development.

We aim to help individuals attain a knowledge of their true selves and develop their latent potentials into realities through our online courses.

Beyond the Stars organization’s as a non-profit initiative first ever activity was a Radio Talk show hosted by its Director, Mrs. Feyi Jimba on 89.3FM in year 2016. The self-funded Talk Show lasted for a year and has since transformed into various audio and video podcasts on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube respectively.

It also collaborates with other non-profit Initiatives to drive change, to instill discipline, impart knowledge and develop the latent leadership capacities of Nigerian youths. In year 2018, it collaborated with Beautiful Heart Network to carry out the EDUCHILD Project which reshaped, remolded and renewed the mind of youngsters in Kwara State. Topics such as money culture, purposeful living, emotional intelligence, leadership, sex education were taught. The project was funded by Kwara State Internal Revenue Service and it covered secondary or high schools in Kwara State

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