Beyond the Stars organization embraces a holistic approach to empower, educate, rehabilitate and inspire individuals to live life purposefully in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to end poverty, injustice and gender inequality as well as to promote prosperity and well-being for all through its educational and inspirational talk shows on radio, television, and on various social media platforms. The organization also provide the following free services:

  1. Counselling of traumatized individuals (such as domestic violence victims, marriage counselling, teen counselling etc.)
  2. Rehabilitation and re-integration of sex traffic victims and ex-convicts back into the society
  3. Advocacy for the rights of women and girls.
  4. Youth empowerment through character formation, teen counselling, capacity building and talent development.

Beyond the Stars organization also aims to help individuals attain a knowledge of their true selves and develop their latent potentials into realities through its online courses.

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